Charismatic Entertainment NY will bring the ambiance and excitement that only we can to any and every event produced by us.  Whether it is a Wedding, corporate event, fundraiser, holiday party, or just need to have a gathering for a social event, we will partner with you to plan, design, and deliver a unique experience for you and your guests.  We combine our experience and expertise in event production to create a customized experience for our clients in Rochester and Central, Western, and Upstate NY.



At Charismatic Entertainment our goal is to exceed your expectations by crafting, organizing, and coordinating a reception that is tailored to your tastes and style. Every client wants their event to be FUN and we understand that this means different things to different people. Working with you, our pre-planning begins weeks ahead of time – analyzing your needs and discussing ideas about how you would like your event to flow and feel for both the guests and yourself

We come to you with exciting and fresh party ideas, all styles of music, polished DJs/MCs who love what they do, and years of references to underscore our commitment to crafting wonderful
events. Our fee always includes your choice of lighting and special effects, a request guarantee, and a complete second sound system for your cocktail hour or ceremony that is held onsite in a
separate area. Call today to discuss how together we can create an event your guests will be sure to compare all future events to!

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You know how important the DJ is to the success of your event… We know what’s at stake.
We believe each song needs to be the absolute best choice for that particular moment in your
party – nothing inappropriate or overly cliché and no filler! We are referred by most local
banquet facilities and it’s often what we don’t do that sets us apart.
We believe each event needs to be built, tailored, and managed around YOUR idea of fun and
not just what is usually done at similar events.



Wedding DJ’s need to do more than just play the requests that are given to them (we offer an iPod rental for events where a pre-set playlist will suffice). A wedding DJ needs to understand
you and your crowd in order to bundle and play your music in a way that brings about your desired outcome across multiple age groups. Often, a lot of musical ground needs to covered during a short period of time. Diverse music styles and genres need to be connected and
presented in a way that keeps the momentum up and the dance floor filled – the right song at the right time! DJ’s need to be more than a human Jukebox – they need to provide a value added service that achieves the bride & groom’s vision of a great event!
As the Master of Ceremonies our DJs serve as the reception’s coordinator to assure that all events proceed smoothly and on time. Our aim is to carry out your tastes and preferences in a
way that ensures a seamless, stress free event for you and your family. We check in with you throughout the course of the event to make sure your bridal party, service staff, and other
vendors are kept informed as to when key formalities and events are happening.

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